Joanne Yulan Jong is the successful London-based fashion designer, creative director and author. A natural born entrepreneur, she started selling her collections to stores aged just 15. Her late teens saw her apprenticed to couture houses in London and Paris whilst studying at Edinburgh College of Art and The Royal College of Art.

On graduating, her talent was quickly snapped up by luxury fashion house Giorgio Armani where she worked closely with him. She went on to establish her award-winning consultancy called Yulan Creative working with re-known UK heritage and International brands.

Over the last seven years she as also worked growing E-Commerce businesses, one of which ME+EM as a result saw their business soar, winning them a place in the Sunday Times “brands to watch” fast track list of privately owned businesses. Their Crowd Cube campaign to raise further investment was instantly overfunded.

Whether multibillion corporations or growing SME’s, her winning combination of high level creative vision and entrepreneurship has consistently resulted in a proven track record of creating breakthrough business for clients.

Her book THE FASHION SWITCH The new rules of the fashion business will be published on the 27th of November 2017.

“The digital revolution has changed the fashion business forever, and the old rulebook has been torn up and thrown away. It’s time to rewrite them. Here are the new rules of the fashion business.”

– Joanne Yulan Jong


“The new rules of the fashion business”

It came quietly, crept up on us all. Digital hit the fashion business and has shattered it into a billion fragments. The business is switching from one that has dictated for decades to one humbly trying to understand what the customer wants. Switching from transmit to receive.

Owner led independent fashion companies face unique challenges they are competing with big brands with unlimited budgets, whilst at the same time losing market share to digital savvy, agile up-and-coming newcomers. Without creative and strategic clarity they could lose the business they have worked so hard to build.

Their biggest challenge: how to remain credible, visible and grow in such a competitive environment?

In this book Joanne Yulan Jong explains a powerful 5-step alignment method specifically aimed at helping the ambitious owner led fashion businesses navigate though the challenges and unlock their true potential. It provides a unique and simple framework though which owners can identify key areas that need improvement. Encourages them to push boundaries and make their product exceptional, to highlight and build on the value they already have. To align their creative and strategic vision and stand out in a crowded market.


  • The book is the first to take the principles of brand alignment – the backbone of the historic fashion powerhouses – and apply them simply and practically to owner led independent fashion businesses.
  • A unique approach to fashion business from the perspective of an experienced creative who fully understands emotions and passion that drives designers and entrepreneurs to launch and run their own brands.
  • Interspersed throughout the book are valuable case studies, insights and quotes from interviews with prominent industry insiders, facts and exercises.
  • Encourages fashion business owners to enjoy the creativity of entrepreneurship across all areas of their business including finance (not just the design process).